The Pug Love Team

Meet Jane Alt: Founder & Pug Lover!

Jane’s love for the squishy faced, curly tailed, quirky and simply adorable Pug breed has been forged from a childhood passion for all creatures great and small.

Jane’s passion for all animals, lead her to a rewarding career in veterinary nursing – Jane has over 15 years’ experience in animal health, nutrition, breeding and welfare. In addition to her extensive experience, Jane studied and worked in Colorado USA, and returning to Australia, held the head of nursing position with RSPCA Australia and later leading small animal veterinary practices in northern NSW.

Now a devoted pug advocate and registered pug breeder, Jane is dedicated to sharing the amazing life experience and happiness that owning a Pug can provide each and every day.

Jane’s own pugs are an integral part of her family and lifestyle. Jane also believes they are central to individual well-being and happiness.

As part of the PugLove service, Jane seeks to deliver dedicated, engaging and timely information for the Pug community. This helps create a comprehensive Pug network and a sharing of all there is know and love about the Pug babies.

“My family and I had a lovely experience when we adopted our baby violet , we can not express enough how much we appreciated the knowledge and passion Jane has for the breeding of her baby pugs. My daughter who is 11 was so excited that she was able to adopt her new best friend that she emailed Jane day after day with questions and updates to the point that I had to tell her to slow down, but not once did an email go unanswered and always sent with a professional and sincere answer.My family and I got to experience first hand the loving effort and personal care that Jane dedicates to each of her pug babies before they are adopted to live with their new families.Jane the Baker family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts as you made our 3 year wait to find the right friend an easy decision and your ongoing support is much appreciated. I would recommend you as a professional person and a loving pug breeder to any family that was interested in adopting a new best friend into their family.”






We are pleased to welcome Stephanie to the PugLove Team : Veterinary Nurse RVN

steph portrait
Stephanie Grob : RVN

Stephanie has spent most of her life caring for and nurturing animals, living on a commercial farm in the beautiful New England Tablelands (NSW), her love and passion for animals and a healthy country lifestyle, lead to pursuing a career in Veterinary Nursing.

Having met at Glen Innes Vet Hospital, Stephanie’s love and passion for the pug breed was obvious, with further development of her knowledge, skills and pugs specific health needs. Stephanie was the perfect candidate for the Veterinary Nurse position at PugLove.

There isn’t many hours of a day that Stephanie spends without the company of animals. Living on a commercial grazing & cropping property she spends many hours mustering cattle with her border collie dog Albie, maintaining all aspects of their operations animal husbandry, she leads a life dedicated to animals and the land seeking sustainable practice in all she does.

“I love everything about my position at PugLove and I particularly love working with Jane as she brings a remarkable wealth of knowledge of the pug breed and veterinary care. In an ever challenging world, Pugs bring joy to all those that cross their path – they truly are the little clowns of the toy dog world!” says Stephanie.


Introducing PugLove’s Dedicated Team of  Veterinarians


Glen Innes Veterinary Hospital
Glen Innes Veterinary Hospital

(Portrait Pictures & Biography’s featured soon)

Dr Matt Pope: BVSc (hons) #N7592

Dr Hannah Pope: BVSc (hons) #N7593

Dr Kate Burren: BVSc (hons) #N9033

Dr Alan Post: BVSc #N2305

Dr Heather Costantini: BVSc #N7700

Dr Kate & PugLove Chief Puppy Handler Lali Alt
Dr Kate & PugLove Chief Puppy Handler Lali Alt
Glen Innes Veterinary Hospital Building is set in a Peaceful Rural area
Glen Innes Veterinary Hospital is situated in the ideal Peaceful Rural area “At PugLove we have peace of mind that our Pugs feel relaxed & safe when attending this lovely hospital”