Hola friends!

If there’s one thing we know how to do at Pocket, it’s throw a bloody good party. Whether it’s dinner with your lover, drinks with the lads or a whole venue blow out – we got you, boo.

Here’s how it works:

Dinner + Drinks
Book via the calendar for;

  • Mon – Thur + Sun :: bookings until 9.30pm
  • Fri + Sat :: bookings until 7.30pm

Blow outs

  • For 10+ people, we’ll need you to pre-order from the banquet menu.
  • For 20+ people, we’ll get you to order from the canape menu.
  • For 50+ people, better shoot us an email for that one. 

We love parties of all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds – but we don’t do 18th or 21st parties, we’re too old for that shit.

Food Menu


Buttered Popcorn
Freshly buttered popcorn, tossed in smoked paprika salt (v/gf). 5

Snap, Crackle, Pop
Super light pork crackling, salted and served w/ dashi mayo (gf). 7

Bacon & Sage Croquettes (3)
House made cheesy bacon & sage croquettes served with a pocket made BBQ sauce. 10

Chicken Liver Pate
A generous portion of creamy chicken liver pate, made fresh in house & packed with flavor served with jam & toasts. 12


Hot & Numb Squid
Our take on the classic – this squid is scored, dusted & quick fried then tossed in salt & numbing szechuan pepper. Served with a cooling citrus dippy sauce. 18

Banh Mi Slider
Sticky Viet style pork belly & pickled veg w/ a hit of chilli. 8      

Rice Paper Rolls (3)
Traditional styled Viet rice paper rolls built with fresh prawns, noodles, carrot, cucumber & fresh herbs. Served w/ a punchy ginger, garlic and chilli dippy (gf). 10

Cheese Burger Spring Rolls (3)
Authentic NY cheese burgers dressed up as spring rolls, served hot with ketchup. 18

Cauliflower Tabouli
A lighter take on tabouli, using fresh cauliflower, heirloom tomatoes, eshallots, mint & parsley. Dressed with fresh citrus & a super fruity olive oil (v/gf). 11

Kolrahbi & Apple Salad
A light, textural salad made up of green apple, kolrahbi & fresh herbs – finished in a creamy citrus dressing (v/gf). 10

Truffled Polenta Fries
Gooey, truffle infused polenta fried and burried in parmesan cheese (v). 7

Traditional french fries dusted in a smoked salt (v). 7
add 5 and get them loaded w/ gravy, cheese and bacon.


Fried Chicken
Half a bird of really damn good, southern style fried chicken served w/ kimchi mayo. 26

Caramelised Pork Hock
Slow cooked & caramelised bites of pork hock served with lightly pickled cucumber & orange (gf). 22

Classic Dog
New Orleans style smoked sausage, cheese, mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, all the good stuff. 15.5                      

Cheese Burger  
Our classic cheese burger – angus beef, plenty of cheese, mustard, secret sauce & only minimal rabbit food served in a fluffy milk bun. 16

Veggie Nachos
Trad corn chips covered in melted cheese topped off with pico de gallo, smashed avo, jalapeños & sour cream (v/gf). 18

Tuna Poke
A Hawaiian style salad of fresh, raw tuna tossed with avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh jalapenos, toasted sesame, pickled daikon & herbs. Dressed w wasabi & soy, served with crispy wonton ‘taco’ shells (gf). 16.5



Cheese Plate

An ever changing cheese served with a fig jam and whole wheat crakers 15

Caramel Fudge
Fun little bites of white chocolate & salted caramel fudge – designed to share. (gf). 10

Passionfruit Truffles
House made truffles of white chocolate & passionfruit, coated in a dark chocolate shell (gf). 12

Nutella Gelato
House made nutella gelato served with salted choc chips & popping candy (gf). 7


Drinks Menu


Italio Spritz        
Aperol, thyme, blood orange & Prosecco – al dente! 17

Brose’ Highball
Rose, Gin, Pimms… long, fresh, delish! 18

You Smart
Watermelon soda, Bacardi Blanca, Oscar Rosso, lime & honey. You loyal, you deserve it. 18

Talos Mule
Belvedere Unfiltered Vodka, St Germain elderflower, lime and kaffir lime leaves topped with spicy ginger beer – clean and crisp. 21

Paris Saint
A herbaceous, botanic punch of Bombay Sapphire Gin, St Germain elderflower liqueur, Prosecco & mint. 20

Don Quixote
An aniseed margarita with depth, this drink has Cazadores Blanco Tequila, Pernod Anise Aperitif, agave & lime juice. 18


South Of The Border
Frozen margarita with a chili kick, perfect party starter. 19

Amaro Montenegro, Bacardi Blanca, lime & a spicy falernum syrup, a rich, complex take on a daiquiri. 18

Darlinghurst Rollerblading Club
Sharp and tangy raspberries & lime, balanced perfectly with honey and PX. 18

42 Below Vodka, Coco rum, fresh pineapple, lime & oranges juices, popcorn syrup. Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy. 19

Woodford Reserve bourbon, honey & chili jam, fresh lemon juice and orange bitters to finish. Zesty, spicy, tasty AF. 19

Watermelon Martini
A Pocket staple, our simple and refreshing martini using 42 Below Vodka, fresh watermelon chunks & kaffir lime. 19

Smoking Rocket 2.0
A peaty & smoky combo of Ardbeg 10 and Mezcal, spiced up with green habanero, lime & honey. 20

Ding Dong Drank
A long and refreshing whisky drink of Glenmorangie Original & pineapple shrub, topped with green tea. 20

Bless Up
Coconut, mint, Hennessy VS & Apricot Brandy. Stiff & fresh. 21

The Botanist
Boozy & aromatic, a mix of Hennessy vs Cognac, St Germain elderflower, Benedictine & Cynar herbal liquor, finished with old-fashioned bitters. 19

Peat Bastard
Glenmorangie Original, Ardbeg 10 year old and coffee honey syrup, topped with fresh apple and doubled smoked amalgam. 19

No Money No Honey
Glenmorangie Original, Amaro Montenegro and Lillet Blanc vermouth seasoned with orange and whiskey barrel bitters. Punchy and delicate, at the same time. 21

Espresso Martini
Sometimes you don’t mess with a classic. A blend of freshly brewed coffee, De Kuyper crème de café, Bacardi Carta Oro and vanilla. 19

White Widow
Bacardi Carta Blanca mixed with coconut nectar, sweetened condensed milk, tiki bitters & lemon juice create a white velvety elixir. 18


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