International and Sydney Wedding Photographer, Florent Vidal

Florent Vidal’s photography follows the principle of photo documentary. Like a voice in a narrative, his photographs will tell the story of your wedding day.

“The most important aspect of my craft is to give wedding photographs that are not only beautiful, but above all, meaningful. I would like you to look at your photos years from now and be reminded of an emotion or a fleeting moment that was once forgotten.” Envisioning wedding photography as a mixture of photojournalism and artistic portraits, Florent creates wedding images that are natural, timeless and unique.

With over 20 years’ experience, Florent started his career in Paris, France as a travel photojournalist. This exposure to different cultures and situations honed his skills to capture real life event without directing it. During this time, Florent was also a head photographer in one of Paris’s top wedding studios capturing many weddings in France and around Europe.

His love of travel and adventure brought him to Australia where he was commissioned to photograph this exotic continent. Falling in love with it, Florent decided to stay.

That was over ten years ago.

Today, Florent Vidal is considered as one of Australia’s most respected wedding photographers. With two studios in New South Wales: Sydney CBD and Port Stephens, Florent spends most of his time photographing weddings around Australia. Whilst Sydney offers some of the most familiar sceneries for weddings like Sydney Harbour, Hyde Park and The Rocks, Florent also loves getting out into the country particularly the Hunter Valley and on the coast. Florent will happily travel interstate or overseas for your wedding.

A key challenge to wedding photography is how the story gets told. This is where a photographer’s point of view comes into play. Often the most telling photographs are those that are unplanned and happen in an authentic way.

Florent fully immerses himself in every wedding, and his ability to anticipate and capture ‘real life’ moments’ without directing them, is what Florent has built a reputation on. “On the wedding day I am everywhere and nowhere. This day is about you and the commitment that you’re making. I like to capture your day as naturally as possible and I am very careful in preserving the mood of each moment.”

Florent uses the same approach when creating a series of artistic portraits for couple shoot.

“Ultimately, I want you to have fun and enjoy your first moments as a married couple. Amazingly, when I let couples be – there isn’t a lot of directing needed from me! What can be more beautiful than a bride touching her new husband’s face? The whispers that couples share a few moments after they’ve made a lifetime commitment? To me, these are the precious things that cannot be recreated and that can only be captured by letting the moments happen.”

Florent Vidal’s unique style and approach to wedding photography have been grabbing the attention of editors both here in Australia and overseas.

Florent’s wedding photos are regularly featured in well-respected wedding publications such as Brides Magazine New York, Polka Dot Bride, Australian Bride and Studio Brides to name a few.

Since 2005, Florent Vidal has been a member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association. The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) is a professional organisation composed of photojournalists and wedding photographers from around the world.

What sets their members apart in the industry is their candid, documentary approach – a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography.

Twenty one times winner of the WPJA’s photography contest, Florent remains as the most awarded photographer in Australia.

Florent’s photograph, ‘Bon Voyage’ was also bestowed the title ‘Best 10 photos of the year’ by Brides Magazine New York.