We are a specialist investment manager that aims
to achieve superior returns for both retail and
wholesale investors through the identification,
aquisition, management and development of
residential property.



We are a specialist investment manager that aims
to achieve superior returns for both retail and
wholesale investors through the identification,
aquisition, management and development of
residential property.

Four main ways to invest

  1. Cash
  2. Property
  3. Managed funds

“The best returns in property are not normally found in buying the completed property, but are rather found in the development of the property itself.”

- Danny H. Assabgy, CEO

Achieve superior investment returns

Due to the shortage of good assets and the relatively low yield environment, appropriately structured managed funds have increased in popularity in the last few years. By identifying unique opportunities in the Australian property market, Equiti targets value-added aquisitions where development and management experience combine to produce competitive advantages.

The Benefits


Allows investors to access property developments, generally producing greater returns than existing properties


Gives investors opportunities to diversity their exposure


Investors can potentially attain higher returns than investment in a fund holding core property assets


A transparent and simple to understand structure, combined with appropriate levels of gearing and an experienced management team


Each project has been selected with an emphasis on returns and risk management


The vehicle is the entity that actually owns the subject property

Equiti has a focus on selective, value-based investing and employs a top down macroeconomic approach and a bottom up microeconomic approach to the identification and acquisition of property assets.

Macroeconomic Approach – The top down macroeconomic approach helps us to identify and select specific property markets and sectors that are likely to offer the best economic performance. This approach includes monitoring population growth, economic development, unemployment, government policies in relation to housing approvals, rezoning, infrastructure development and land releases. The aim is to identify areas which exhibit favourable trends in supply and demand characteristics.

Microeconomic Process – The bottom up microeconomic process focuses on specific property development analysis and helps us to identify those individual property development assets that will best enable each fund to achieve its investment objectives within the geographical areas identified in the macroeconomic top down approach.

Due Diligence Process – A rigorous due diligence process is employed by Equiti Capital Limited and, combined with the support of the Investment Review Committee, ensures a strategic and quantitative approach to the selection of suitable property and that each asset selected fits within the risk profile and investment objectives of the fund.

Current Funds

Equiti Knock-Down Rebuild Fund

$10,000 min. investment

  • Rare opportunity to access property development in well-established Sydney suburbs
  • Build new, modern houses to attract higher resale prices
  • Diversified portfolio by location and price
  • Fund closes 30 September 2020

Garland Land Fund

$20,000 min. Investment

At capacity / capacity reached

  • Land subdivision of 7,278 square metres
  • Development of 17 single storey homes
  • Central location in Hunter Region NSW, close to shops, schools, restaurants and conveniences
  • January 2019 scheduled completion

Equiti Westmead Development Fund

$50,000 min. investment

Fund closed

  • Projected 38% gross return on equity
  • Development of 50 apartments and 4 commercial suites
  • Prime location in Westmead NSW
  • Gross realisable value of $31.5 million
  • December 2018 scheduled completion

Completed Funds

Investments you can trust

12+ years history
of success
and managed
18% average return
across completed
team of experts
Risk-minimising holistic approac
Full service
A combined approach

Our property development funds bring together the combined resources and disciplines from both the Equiti Group of Companies and the Hudson Group of Companies. This unique collaboration offers an integrated dual perspective towards property asset management. As investors, we understand the importance of performance and return on investment. As developers, we recognise the value and financial rewards that developing can bring to real property assets.

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Australian Financial Services Licence Number 391452

How it works

Equiti operates a true property development syndication model and includes management of the entire process from creation right through to wind up.

Step 1

Identify residential development opportunity and enter due diligence process

Step 2

Negotiate terms and secure property,
only after due diligence passed

Step 3

Establish fund to acquire the project

Step 4

Lodge Prospectus with ASIC or create IM to offer investors shares

Step 5

Raise capital (investors can apply after reading IM)

Step 6

Investment Manager appoints project team

Step 7

Commence development and secure finance

Step 8

Complete project (investors regularly updated throughout)

Step 9

Distribution of profits to investors and Equiti paid


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